Katie Crowe About Me

About Katie

Image & Style Consultant

Do you feel totally confident about the way you look? It’s hard isn’t it and I totally understand!

After years of being a student, living overseas, being a military wife and working in a busy HR Office I had definitely lost my way. To be honest, I’m not sure I really had it in the first place! Added to that a constantly yo-yoing weight and I really did need some help! I also realised that I was not alone in this – so many of my friends and colleagues were in the same boat as me!

The turning point for me was my personal achievement in losing three and a half stone in weight. I was extremely proud of myself (and still am!) but struggled to know how to make the best of myself and my new body shape. I went for an image consultation with Colour me Beautiful and my life changed!

Katie’s Story

How I Got Started

I realised that with the right knowledge and guidance I could make the most of myself and feel great again and proud of who I am. I felt so passionately about the difference it can make that I decided to train to be a Personal Stylist and Image Consultant and that is how ‘Colour by Katie’ was born!

My clients come from various backgrounds and see me for several reasons. Some are at a crossroads in their life and need a fresh start, others have lost weight and need to buy a new wardrobe, some want advice for a special occasion and some simply want to treat themselves.

My consultations take place in my studio in Manton, near Oakham in the beautiful county of Rutland. They are informative, relaxed and above all, fun. My aim is for you to leave feeling inspired and confident to make the right choices when choosing your clothes, makeup and accessories. A consultation will not only help you to look and feel your best, but it can save you money by ensuring that you avoid costly mistakes. It is an investment that will change your shopping and dressing habits for life.

Katie Crowe About Me II

If you want to get back that confidence and feel great again about the way you look get in touch – you won’t regret it!