Colour Analysis

“The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks great on you.” – Coco Chanel

Are you unsure about what colours suit you? Are you nervous about wearing anything other than neutrals or black? Or do you need to know what colours to wear to make a positive impact at work?

A Colour Analysis is the perfect place to start. I will show you how wearing and combining the right shades for you will enhance your natural colouring and make you look radiant. You will be surprised at how many beautiful colours you can wear and look fabulous in!


TAKE-AWAYS: A wallet with 42 fabric swatches in your best colours and a personalised makeup guide

PRICE: £120.00 (or bring a friend with you for a 4 hours session and each pay £99.00)

I can highly recommend having a colour consultation with Katie. It was a hugely enjoyable experience, Katie made it fun and was very knowledgeable. I feel I have a much better understanding of the colours that suit me and the ones that do very little for me! There are a number of colours that I would previously have dismissed but have now discovered that they actually do really suit me. Clothes shopping will be much easier and more enjoyable as I can focus on the right colours! Finding out your WOW colours is great, and I can’t wait to buy a few statement pieces. I cannot recommend Katie enough.

colour analysis

What to Expect

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Your consultation in my studio begins with a discussion about your lifestyle and needs, all accompanied by a cuppa of course!
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Colour Analysis Process

I take into account your hair, eye and skin tones and using a selection of coloured drapes show you what colours work for you, to create your unique colour palette.
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Makeup Application

I will show you the perfect shades for your natural colourings plus an easy application technique. I guarantee you will leave looking lovelier and more radiant than when you arrived!
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How to wear your colours

I will show you how to create amazing colour combinations, how to wear your ‘wow’ colours and how to wear black, white and navy even if they are not in your palette.
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You will leave with your own fabric swatch wallet plus the option of digital drapes accessible on your mobile – both very handy when out shopping!

Benefits for You

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Shopping will be much less stressful

You will know the colours to look for that really work for you
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You will save money

By identifying the items that work for you, you will stop those rash buying decisions that you regret later!
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You save time

Shopping becomes so much quicker because you know exactly what to look for and try on and over time you will learn which brands and stores are perfect for you
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If you want to get back that confidence and feel great again about the way you look get in touch – you won’t regret it!