Colour Review

“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul” Wassily Kandinskey

Have you had your colours analysed some years ago and are wondering if the same colours still suit you?

Over time our colourings do change so if your analysis was some time ago (particularly if it was under the previous ‘seasonal’ system) or if you have changed your hair colour, it is worth considering a Colour Review session.

This consultation is similar to a Colour Analysis and includes a review of your existing colour palette, a makeup prescription review and advice on how to wear your colours and what to look out for in current trends.

Swatches in your wallet can be removed and added and additional swatch cards (containing six fabric swatches) can be purchased at £7.00 each, If your colouring has changed dramatically, you will be able to purchase a complete new wallet containing 42 swatches of colour. Group sessions are also available.

DURATION: 1.5 hours
PRICE: £50.00

I went for a Colour Update and had a lovely afternoon with Katie. She is so enthusiastic about her work but also listens to you as the customer/client. I am so excited about playing with my new updated colour palette!

If you want to get back that confidence and feel great again about the way you look get in touch – you won’t regret it!