Frequently Asked Questions

swatch crop colour by katie
Can I bring a friend / partner / family member to my Consultation?
Absolutely! There’s a lot of information to take in so it’s sometimes nice to have another pair of eyes and ears and it is also great fun to share your discoveries with someone! Just let me know in advance.
What should I wear to a Colour Consultation?
Wear whatever you are comfortable in. I’ll pop a white cape over what you have on during a Colour Analysis so that I can analyse you clearly, without distractions.
Can I arrive to a Colour Analysis or Make Up session with my make up on?
Of course! I never leave the house without at least some mascara and a lippie on so totally understand if you want to arrive with your makeup on too! However, for the purposes of colour analysis I will have to remove all makeup so that my assessment is 100% accurate. I can provide products to remove whatever you have on, but should you wish to bring your own products, feel free!
Don’t worry though, a makeup application is included in your consultation so you will leave looking fabulous!
Do I need to bring anything with me to a Style Consultation?
I will ask you to bring a number of items from your wardrobe that you really love but are not sure how to wear, together with items which you are unsure about or are finding ‘challenging’. You can bring as many as you want – in fact the more we have to work with the easier it is for you to understand why some things work and some things don’t!
Will I have to take my clothes off in a style consultation?
No! All my body assessments are conducted with you fully clothed. However, as I am looking at your shape close-up, the best thing to wear is a t-shirt and leggings but I understand that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, so arrive in whatever makes you feel most at ease. However, solid colours are better than prints for this process, as they are less distracting to the eye when I am assessing your body shape.
Will I have to throw out all my existing clothes?
No! In all my consultations, I aim to help you work with what you already have, whether it be colours or styles. I will only suggest throwing out what you never or rarely wear to make space for some colours that make you really pop and style that really suit you!
What if black isn’t one of my colours?
This is a common question as we all tend to have a lot of black in our wardrobes However, you will discover that black doesn’t suit all of us, If black drains you and doesn’t work with your natural colourings, I will show you how to wear it so that it’s not as ageing and draining. However, when you see what other colours do for your complexion, you might not want to wear back again!
What if I don’t like the colours that suit me?
Many people are anxious about this one. The first thing to remember is during a colour analysis I am initially looking to see whether the colours like you and suit you, rather than whether you like the colour. But don’t worry, there are 42 colours in your pallet, and if there are the odd few that you don’t like, you don’t have to wear them! In fact, most people stick to their ‘wow’ colours and create many outfit combinations from these – I will show you how to do this too. In my experience, when you see the effect your best colours have on your face you look at them in a totally different way and grow to love them.
What would you suggest I do first, style or colour?
There is no hard and fast rule, but my feeling is colour should come first. It doesn’t matter how fab the shape or cut of the garment is, if the colour wears you and doesn’t suit you then it will never make you look your best.
What payment methods do you accept?
I can take cash, cheque and card payments as I have a card machine in my studio. I am also happy to accept BACs payments upfront.

If you want to get back that confidence and feel great again about the way you look get in touch – you won’t regret it!