Style Consultation

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” – Rachel Zoe, celebrity fashion stylist

Do you lack confidence in how you look? Do your feel as though your clothes aren’t doing you justice? Perhaps you feel you lack any personal style but don’t know what to do to change this?

Did you know that the average woman spends £13,000 on items she doesn’t wear?! Instead, she spends 80% of her time wearing just 20% of her wardrobe so if this is you a Style Consultation will benefit you and will show you how to look and feel fabulous every day. I will advise you on the styles that work for your body shape and suit your lifestyle by showing you how to accentuate your best bits and disguise those areas you’re not quite so proud of!


TAKE-AWAYS: Personalised digital style workbook full of tips for your body shape

PRICE: £120.00 (or bring a friend with you for a 3.5 hours session and each pay £99.00)

I absolutely loved my morning with Katie. I came in not having a clue what suited me and left feeling so much more confident. I went out and bought a few items after and have received a lot of compliments already. I actually feel happy clothes shopping again! Thoroughly recommended!

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What to Expect

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Your consultation in my studio begins with a discussion about how clothes make you feel, what your main concerns are and what areas you would like me to address, all accompanied by a cuppa of course!
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Discovering your Style Personality

Through a simple questionnaire I will understand how and why you shop the way you do. It can be very revealing and can often unlock your own struggles with your sense of style making things so much clearer.
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Discovering your Body Shape, proportions and scale

Don’t worry there is no measuring involved and you stay fully clothed! I will advise you on how to ‘balance’ your body and give you lots of ideas and tips on styles to choose to flatter your shape.
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Putting into Practice

I’ll ask you to bring along some outfits which we will look at together to assess if they work for you or not. We will then use these examples to start putting the theory you have learnt. into practice. I will also advise you on how to pull outfits together, how to use existing items in your wardrobe to give them a new lease of life, how to use accessories and where to buy clothes that suit your budget and your style.

Benefits for You

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You will save money

You will be able to identify those items that are perfect for you and avoid impulse buys
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Shopping will be much less stressful

You will know the styles and shapes to look for that really work for you
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You save time

Shopping becomes so much quicker because you know exactly what to look for and try on and over time you will learn which brands and stores are perfect for you.
To get the full benefit of a style consultation I would highly recommend having your colours done first – it doesn’t matter how fab the cut or style of a garment is if it washes you out and makes you look ill!
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If you want to get back that confidence and feel great again about the way you look get in touch – you won’t regret it!